New e-learning platform for children in the countryside to be hosted on IBM Cloud will allow access for young users

WARSAW, Poland,  — IBM today announced that The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS), a social insurance provider for farmers in Poland, is adopting IBM Cloud to implement a hybrid cloud strategy that will help modernize its new e-learning platform. Moving its educational programs about the rules of safe work in farming to the cloud enables KRUS to improve youth safety.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries, placing farmers at high risk for potentially fatal and nonfatal injuries. Until now, KRUS’s educational programs were only available in pamphlet form and had limited reach. In advance of the summer usage spike, KRUS has revamped the program for children to live online and will host them on the IBM Cloud, while keeping their existing IT system on-premises.

By implementing this hybrid cloud strategy, KRUS can seamlessly scale up and down to support spikes in usage of the e-learning programs depending of the users activity . They can also tap into higher value cloud services like AI, IoT, and analytics to help improve the types of trainings and functionality they offer, advancing their offerings while also attracting younger farmers (children) to the safety matters.

“Moving our e-learning platform to the IBM Cloud allows us to reach more young farmers potentially at risk of accidents,” said Wacław Bejtan, Deputy Director of the IT and Telecommunications Department at KRUS. “In a mobile era, online trainings enable us to reach a vast audience and raise awareness about safety in the countryside. ”

“With the summer months fast approaching, and the likelihood of accidents on the rise, it was critical KRUS host their new e-learning platform on the IBM Cloud to innovate and meet the demands of today’s farmers,” said Jarosław Szymczuk, General Manager, IBM Poland and Baltics. “KRUS is just one example of many government administrations and companies adopting a hybrid cloud strategy to transform how they engage with customers.”

KRUS joins several other insurers turning to IBM Cloud, including Geico, Primerica, Novis, AIG, the American Association of Insurance Services and Economical Insurance.

May 15, 2019