Marketing Management Solutions

Drive results with omnichannel marketing automation and real-time personalization

Maximize customer engagement with one-to-one conversations and personalized communications across channels at scale. Use powerful segmentation techniques to reach the right customers, where and when they expect to be reached. Drive conversions and loyalty. Improve results with AI-powered omnichannel marketing solutions.

Provide a rich, relevant, personalized experience across every channel of your business:

  • Omnichannel marketing: engage across email, mobile push, SMS, social and group chat, call centers, kiosks
  • Drag-and-drop program design: create seamless automated campaigns on a beautiful, easy-to-use canvas
  • AI-powered marketing assistant: get data and analysis in seconds that would typically take hours or longer
  • Powerful audience segmentation: quickly find the right audiences and segment any database — large or small
  • Interactive reporting: design dashboards to quickly understand which campaigns are performing the best
  • Collaborative journey design: brainstorm with extended teams to design precise customer journeys across channels

Lermn more how HCL Unica helps to deliver smarter campaigns anywhere and offer personalized customer experiences across channels.

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