Business email with analytics and collaboration capabilities for more productive working day

HCL Verse (former IBM Verse) is an email platform that understands you, with less clutter and more clarity, connecting you to the people who matter to you most. Cloud-enabled, designed for mobile devices, and powered by analytics and advanced search, Verse works for you, not the other way around.

Verse includes profiles, connecting with and following people so you can see their updates, uploading and sharing files, activity stream, status updates, and sharing to a blog. Share your calendar and see calendar availability for other Verse subscribers in your organization. Work with web-based mail, calendar and contact information in the cloud, including type-ahead addressing, custom mail folders, support for mail threads, in depth search, view and work with files, tracking of actions that need attention, and analytics-based identification of important content.

Key things you can do with Verse:

  • See mail from people important to you: Click a person and see emails just from them.
  • Turn a suggested person into one of your favorites: Create group of People important for me from People suggested.
  • Pin people and communities of interest to stay of aware of what’s new: Focus on people who matter, add or remove people from the people bar
  • Mark mail as Needs Action: Stay on top of things. Got an email that requires you to do something? – Mark it as “ Needs Action”.
  • Manage the items that need follow up: A red icon in your “Needs Action” List means the item is due now.
  • Track who owes you a response and when: Waiting for a response? – Mark a mail “Waiting For”. When do you need a response? – Give it a date and get a reminder when the response is due.
  • See all messages marked Waiting For: Keep track who owes you.
  • Happiness is a clean inbox: Stay on top of your inbox.

You can select and work with multiple messages by either selecting the individual people pictures in the message folder, or shift-selecting the messages themselves.

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