“RegattaScope” – the art of 3D tracking and sailing races analytics

“RegattaScope” is based on specialized software that allows to track the position of sailing ships equipped with GLONASS / GPS sensors in real time in 3D format delivering unique opportunities for funs, organizers, racers, trainers to:

  • Increase the audience reach and popularize sailing races through the Internet broadcast.
  • Attract additional financing for the regatta by placing logos of advertisers and sponsors on 3D models of yachts and information blocks of the broadcast.
  • Increase the spectacle of the regatta for fans, friends and relatives on the banks and at home. At the same time, viewers can try themselves in the role of a broadcast director, choosing a camera to display, its position and viewing angle.
  • Save the regatta in all its uniqueness, creating repeatedly reproduced content for the site of the event organizer and social networking pages.
  • Equip the training process of preparation for competitions with a modern digital tool for monitoring and analyzing winning strategies of leaders taking into account the peculiarities of the water area.

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