A Commerce Platform for Your Omnichannel Business

HCL Commerce (ранее IBM Commerce) is a single, unified e-commerce platform that offers the ability to do business directly with consumers B2C, directly with businesses B2B, and indirectly through channel partners with indirect business models. HCL Commerce is designed to be a customizable, scalable, and high availability solution that is built to leverage open standards. It provides easy-to-use tools for business users to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy. Business users can create and manage precision marketing campaigns, promotions, catalog, and merchandising across all sales channels.

Provide a rich, relevant, personalized experience across every channel of your business:

  • Manage B2B and B2C on one commerce platform;
  • Get creative with an API-First framework;
  • Enhance customer experiences with AI;
  • Accelerate innovation with easy-to-use business user tooling.

We deliver a multichannel commerce software that you can use to create a complete shopping experience for your customers.

Perspectives of HCL Commerce (2 min video)

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