Ensure the right level of services quality and performance

Implement Services Management solutions to ensure the right level of quality and performance

Reduce maintenance and operations costs by simplifying the delivery of maintenance services and workflow management with service providers.

Improvement of services quality and client satisfaction inside & outside organization are the key priorities for services divisions.

Leverage solution for effective management of services delivery across different locations based a centralized approach, with automated dispatching systems to process not only ad-hoc requests but planned services by scheduling and strong control functions of services delivery time/quality/volume, so your clients can interact with services comfortable and reduce idle time:

  • submit requests about issue easy, convenient, any time from anywhere;
  • keep control and change details in not completed requests;
  • have access to the information about person responsible for request resolution, the current status, timing and deadlines, cause of issue and actions planned to be addressed;
  • see the standard solutions to fix issue and statistics of incidents;
  • get access to the online self-services in case of simple problem;
  • deliver feedback, rate services specialists and report non-proper services delivery.

We have practical experience in implementation of solutions for Management of maintenance and repair services.

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