Instant messaging and online communication with audio, video, and data sharing

HCL Sametime (former IBM Sametime) is chat with security-rich features, enables a community of users to collaborate through instant messaging, files-sharing, online meetings and Unified Telephony integrated over an intranet or the Internet.

With Sametime you can

  • Easily conduct multi-way voice calls, video conversations, group chats, online meetings and instant polls with instant messaging.
  • Share files, avoid email size quotas.
  • Leverage status icons to indicate availability and location.
  • Manage message history using time and date stamps, search by people and date log.
  • Integrate with HCL Portal, Notes, Connections, as well as Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint.
  • Connect to multiple operating, email and audio/video systems.
  • Develop applications with open standards-based tools.
  • Take advantage of high-definition VoIP audio and video on iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

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